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EV Connector Series 3

EV Connector Series 3

Here is new energy high current connector contact pin. A charging system requires multiple connectors to ensure the transmission of data and signals between systems, so the reliability of the electrical connector directly affects the reliability of the entire system; in the process of transmitting electrical signals, the electrical connector contacts The contact pin plays a decisive role, and the performance and structure of the contact directly affect the reliability of the entire electrical connector.
EV Connector Series 3

Product Description

 Male DC Connector For EV Charging Connector Bus

   The new energy high-current pin jack is an important component of the connector equipment on the charging pile. Its main function is to close the power supply and conduct electricity. As the conductive device on the charging pile, it must be able to pass a current of more than 200A and The resistance is small and the temperature rise is moderate, so the requirements for its material and processing technology are quite high.

Product name Power Supply AC Connector Brass Appliance Connector High Current Precision Metal Hardware For EV Car Charging
Customisable OEM / ODM
Brand Noimia
Place of origin China
Material Brass / bronze / tellurium / other
Surface treatment Nickel plated, silver plated, other
Processing method Cold press forming / machining
Life Cycle: More than 10000 times
Product Type: Female
Salt Spray Test 96H
ECO Standard RoHS
Temperature Range -40℃~120℃


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Please submit your R&D and selection or parameter requirements, technical experts will choose the most suitable devices, materials, modules for you, to help you quickly complete the design, to achieve the optimal function, the best price, the best supply, to achieve the optimal device and solution selection.



Q1: Are you a factory or a trade company?

A: We are a original manufacturer more than 10 years of experience in precision hardware production, over 100 sets of high-end precision machines and testing equipment for seamless and efficient operation. Welcome to our factory expecting inspection and guidance.


Q2: Why choose us?

1. Sourcing factory--more than 10 years of professional manufacturing capabilities & advanced production equipment

2. Strong R&D team--providing standard parts, non-standard parts, and personalized customization requirements

4.Certification-ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485, ISO14001 each process has been strictly tested by professional quality inspectors.

5. Strict quality control-- each process has been strictly tested by professional quality inspectors.

Q3: What about delivery time ?

A: Depending on the product process requirements and quantity, we will let you know the exact delivery time after understanding the product details.

Q4: What is your payment way

A: L/C T/T

Q5: Can you customized product for us?

A: If you have drawings or samples or product pictures, please feel free to send them to us and tell us your special requirements, such as material, tolerance, surface treatment and the quantity you need. We will check and try to find what you are looking for and reply within 24 hours.

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