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New energy non-standard shaped terminal Pin jack

New energy non-standard shaped terminal Pin jack

New energy non-standard shaped terminal Pin jack
New energy non-standard shaped terminal Pin jack

Product Description

This section describes the of the New energy non-standard shaped terminal Pin jack        

In the connector, the main function of connector contact pin is as a contact body, which plays the role of electrical conduction and signal conduction. Among them, the type of contact pin contact body has been widely used because of its simple structure and easy processing. In contact pin connections, the most important is insertion and extraction force. It refers to how much force the male and female can bear without being separated after being inserted. If the holding force is not enough, it is easy to be separated, which is not conducive to the firm connection of the connector. Too much holding force will make it too difficult to separate, which may cause inconvenience in use

The project name New energy non-standard shaped terminal Pin jack
Can be customized OEM / ODM
manufacturers Noimia
place of origin China
Product specification Terminals Pins
The material C1100
Surface treatment Silver plated
Processing way Machining / Cold pressing molding

It has the function of transmitting signal and conducting electricity.

Waterproof, moisture-proof function, outdoor can be used.

The work environment

Storage temperature: -40℃+85℃ 90% PLA-max

Technology features of New Energy non-standard shaped terminal Pin Jack

Terminal it is the medium of transmiting the electrical signal from one circuit to the other circuit. Therefore, to ensure that the terminal has a good electrical conductivity, is the standard of determining terminal performance.

Important parameters of terminal contact performance

Product images of New Energy Non-Standard Shaped Terminal Pin Jack

New energy non-standard shaped terminal Pin jack

New Energy Non-standard Shaped Terminal Pin Jack packaging and shipping

1. Packaging: blister tray + carton

2. Transportation: sea and air transportation; According to customer requirements.

3. Minimum order quantity: 1000pcs

New energy non-standard shaped terminal Pin jack


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A: We are a specialized factory specializing in the production of gun exchange terminals for electric vehicles with a history of more than 10 years.

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