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Power contacts pin terminal jack

Power contacts pin terminal jack

Power contacts pin terminal jack
Power contacts pin terminal jack

Product Description

Advantages of Niomia plant

1. Own factory, save middle cost, and serve customers directly.

2. Low mature production technology and strict cost control. A small amount of introduction of automated equipment reduces labor, improves quality, and reduces costs. Special urgent samples, same-day delivery, delivery speed.

3. Complete range of products to meet customer needs, order size can be processed and customized.

Niomia profile

niomia is engaged in the manufacture of high precision connector hardware, and after years of accumulated processing strength, it has gradually developed into a company specializing in the development and manufacture of high-end connector inserts. Focusing on the research, development and production of connector contacts, we have customized products for large connector companies. The company has invested in a number of automatic lathes, CNC lathes wire cutting, grinding machines, iron beds and other automatic processing equipment. Strong processing strength, urgent need for samples, the same day you can sample, fast delivery, a full range of products, regardless of the degree of difficulty, single piece size complete to meet customer needs. The quality of the products is guaranteed. The company's core products are: pins, jacks, new energy pins jacks, etc.

The company has passed the quality management system certification, the quality system is perfect, and strictly according to the management standard, cultivate the quality consciousness of all staff, in recent years the company began to invest in large automatic processing equipment, so that all orders are completed with quality and quantity.

Power Contacts Pin Terminal Jack products are widely used in:

medical, aviation, new energy vehicles, communications and other fields.

Power Contacts Pin Terminal Jack Details


The project name Power contacts pin terminal jack
Customizable OEM / ODM
manufacturers Noimia
place of origin Dongguan,China
Product Category Connector contact terminal pin socket
Product specifications European standard, customized
The material Phi Copper, Brass / Other
Surface treatment Gold, silver, nickel, tin plating
Processing method Cold press molding / machining
Application Industrial, medical instruments, test equipment


Noimia service

Please submit your R&D and selection or parameter requirements, technical experts will choose the most suitable devices, materials, modules for you, to help you quickly complete the design, to achieve the optimal function, the best price, the best supply, to achieve the optimal device and solution selection.


Q1: Are you a manufacturer? Do you have a factory?

Answer: Yes. We are a manufacturer with more than 10 years of experience in precision hardware production, with more than 100 high-end precision machines and testing equipment, seamless connection, efficient operation. Welcome people from all walks of life to our factory to look forward to inspection and guidance.

Q2: Our strengths

1. The source factory has more than 10 years of professional R & D and manufacturing capacity, and the price is competitive.

2. Strong R & D team, standard parts, non-standard parts, and personalized customization requirements can be put forward.

4. The company has passed ISO9001, IATF16949 certification, and every link has been strictly tested by professional quality inspection personnel.

5. Cooperate with a number of well-known foreign-funded new energy enterprises, leading the industry in product process and technology.

Q3: When is the delivery time?

A: Depending on the technical requirements and quantity of the products, we will let you know the exact delivery time after knowing the details of the products.

Q4: What logistics?

A: We usually decide based on the number of products. To choose some high-quality logistics, if you have a designated logistics company, you can tell us, we will be in accordance with your specified logistics delivery.

Q5: What should we do if we can't find what we want on your website?

A: If you have drawings or samples or product pictures, please feel free to send them to us and tell us your special requirements such as materials, tolerances, finish and quantity you need. We'll check and try to find what you're looking for and get back to you within 24 hours.

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