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Noimia crown spring terminals technology for safe interconnection of new energy equipments in high temperature and high current environments

Sat Oct 29 15:28:47 CST 2022

Connector crown spring terminal is also known as the positioning claw, jaw structure. This structure is characterized by the terminal will float installed in the groove, the plug relies on the crown spring structure inside the jaws of their own elasticity to hold the pin, to achieve multi-point contact on the pin. It has high reliability, soft pulling force, small contact resistance, shock resistance, shock resistance, etc., is the ideal contact structure of connector jack socket.

 Crown Spring Connector Contacts

Noimia crown spring terminals are generally made of brass or copper alloy materials. Gold-plated or silver-plated according to the application requirements and customer needs. Silver plating can effectively reduce the terminal resistance and enhance the conductivity of the connector. Gold plating is slightly less conductive, but more stable in nature, and the plating is more resistant to environmental performance and less likely to be corroded. The thickness of the plating will vary from model to model. Depending on the requirements, the plating can be as thick as 3μm and as thin as 3μ''. As a result, the terminals can be safely interconnected in high temperature (up to 350°C) and high current (up to several thousand amps) environments. Currently, Noimia crown spring terminals have been widely used in new energy vehicles, charging piles (guns), energy storage, solar photovoltaic, telecommunication signal transmission, aviation, marine industries and other industries.

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