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Sharing Connector Surface Treatment With You

Thu Apr 13 15:15:45 CST 2023

Surface Treatment introduction

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There are three common treatments of conductors in electronic products: gold plating, silver plating and nickel plating like connector pins, shrapnel, terminals, etc.

A. Nickel plating--in order to  increase the abrasion resistance of shrapnel or pins, in addition to beautify the appearance

B.Silver plating--in order to increase the conductivity of the conductor. If it is not good, the temperature of the connection part will rise quickly and high so that the connector will be burned out. The metal parts of some high-current connectors are usually silver-plated, such as the connection terminals of the ev charging gun, but the cost of silver plating is high.

C.Gold plating--better conductivity than silver plating, but more expensive than silver plating.