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Technical characteristics of new energy connector contact

Mon Dec 12 21:05:43 CST 2022

In the new energy field prevailing in the current market, the market demand for new energy vehicle connectors and energy storage connectors is very large. The design and process technology of connector contacts and terminals directly affect the quality and service life of products. Many well-known manufacturers prefer to choose machined products with superior performance when purchasing connector contacts.


NOIMIA is the source manufacturer of machining of new energy vehicles, energy storage connector contacts, terminals, pins and sockets. The connector contact products we design and produce are widely used in charging station, charging guns, energy storage, photovoltaic and other fields. The reed structure technology we developed is compact in design, and the multi-point contact of the pin is realized by relying on the self elasticity of the claw inside the reed structure. The performance is more stable, the service lifecycle is much longer, and the insertion and extraction times can reach over 10000 times. It has the characteristics of high reliability, low contact resistance, low plugging force, low voltage drop, high current density, shock resistance and self-cleaning function.

The connector contacts produced by Noimia are made of copper alloy, and gold or silver plating is selected according to the customer's needs. The plating thickness is usually between 1u "- 10um. Silver plating can effectively reduce the contact resistance and improve the conductivity of the connector. The conductivity of gold plating is slightly lower, but it has a better stability, less corrosion and better environmental resistance.


Therefore, the terminals can realize safe interconnection under high temperature (up to 150 ℃) and high current (up to several thousand amperes). At present, the terminals produced have been widely used in industry, new energy vehicles, charging piles, charging guns, energy storage, rail transit and other industries.