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Technology of high-voltage rectangular connector terminals for electric vehicles

Mon Dec 12 11:02:19 CST 2022

Embedded reed type rectangular jack high voltage connector

The high-voltage rectangular connector includes a rectangular jack and a rectangular reed. Rectangular jack by copper alloy plate stamping, processing is simple and easy to automatic production, thereby reducing costs. The structure is generally set to jack terminal jack head has two vertical open side, can adapt to the reed 90 ° or 180 ° direction of the assembly.

Our company has designed a terminal spring resilient mechanism with high contact area, and the resilient mechanism includes a plurality of contact resilient arms and contact suspension arms set parallel to each other along the transverse direction on the upper and lower surfaces of the terminal spring body, and the said contact resilient arms and contact suspension arms are staggered on the terminal spring body two by two along the longitudinal direction. In the operating condition, the back side of the contact arm and the contact arm is connected to the female end of the assembly, and the front side of the contact arm and the contact arm is connected to the male end of the assembly. The design uses contact elastic arm and contact suspension arm, the two contact point position is different, can effectively reduce the insertion force of the terminal.

High-voltage rectangular connector terminals with its lower processing cost has become a research hot spot for high-voltage connector terminals. Embedded reed type rectangular jack high-voltage connector terminals not only to design a good contact reliable embedded reeds, should also consider solving the current edge effect problem, to prevent excessive edge current, the occurrence of local overheating. Laminated rectangular connector is to do a good job of laminated design, to ensure that the case of multi-contact contact can achieve low insertion and removal forces, reducing the difficulty of assembly.