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noimia introduces terminal blocks for you

Fri Sep 09 17:25:47 CST 2022

Wiring terminals are gradually and widely used in various fields, including signal terminals, power terminals, connection terminals, etc. They are the connection ends in the circuit.

The terminal is a part of the battery connected to the external conductor. Electrical engineering, terminals mostly refers to wiring terminals, also called terminal blocks, types of single-hole, double-hole, socket, hook, etc., from the material points, copper silver-plated, copper galvanized, copper, aluminum, iron, etc..

1, terminal wiring diagram phase connection table should be drawn in line with GB6988.6-1993 "control system function chart drawing" provisions;.

2, all terminals and their leads should be marked with the electrical schematic diagram consistent with the text symbols and wiring number. Principle diagram of the project code, terminal number and the preparation of the wire number should be consistent with GB5094-1985 "electrical technology in the project code", GB4026-1992 "electrical equipment terminals and specific wire end identification and application of alphanumeric system of general rules" and GB4884-1985 "insulated wire markings" and other provisions;.

3, and electrical schematic diagram is different, in the terminal wiring diagram of the same terminal parts (contacts, coils, etc.) must be drawn together;.

4, terminal wiring diagrams are drawn using fine lines. Wiring way divided into board and board after the line two, generally use the board before the line, for simple electrical control components, the number of terminals less, wiring relationships and not complex, can be drawn directly between the components of the line; for complex components, the number of terminals, wiring more complex situation, generally is the use of the line slot, as long as the terminals marked on the wiring number, do not have to draw the components between the line;.

5, terminal wiring diagram should be marked with a variety of wiring wire type, specification, cross-sectional area and color requirements;.

6, parts and external circuit connection, large cross-sectional wire in and out of the line should be used to connect the connector, the other should be connected by the terminal block.